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The Corridor Line: XR Headsets, Your Way

The Corridor Line is a group of user customizable headsets by Walker Industries. It includes;

The Boson - The standard headset for those looking for a good XR experience without breaking the bank too much (With 2160 x 2160 @ 90hz)

The Titan - A smaller form factor headset made for those seeking higher quality VR with a lower weight (2560x2560 @ 90hz) and

The Vector Gear - An AR focused variant based off the TItan, for those seeking high quality Augmented Reality (2560x2560 @ 90hz)

Concept Redesign For The Boson

The PsuedoPancakes

When working on the Corridor Line, this was a problem which showed itself early on, with those leading the VR optics industry leaving their research either behind closed doors, under heavy proprietary contracts or expensive systems which can't be replicated.

The PsuedoPancakes use a stupidly simple yet effective design to mimic the performance of pancake lens at a cost of no more than $40 for two optical units, vs the industry's $1k for a single eye. Of course, the design can be easily replicated at home and does not use any special parts.

Open Source Template Provided For the Psuedopancakes

Project Replicant

Project Replicant is an attempt to bring high functionality AI to users completely locally. As long as you have a decent computer that's Windows capable, you can run ChatGPT level LLMs without any fees, licenses or even an internet connection.

This LLM uses a summarizer as well as a custom AI/English format called Engels to save information! The summarizer takes the key notes from conversation while Engels shortens it within a non grammatical format understandable by ANY capable LLM!

AI Assistant WIP For v1


One thing that makes XR so special is the ability to run anything you'd like within a 3D environment. However, current software aimed at this focuses more on creating corporate ideals fit only for a small percentage of users instead of a true 3D space. The XRUIOS (Or Extended Reality User Interface Operating System) is a Shell OS made for XR.

Launch Steam and SteamVR apps, use any Windows program without changes needed to the software and make as many virtual monitors as you want with the XRUIOS; take control of your XR experience.

The XRUIOS Running OperaGX, The Discord App and a Virtual Monitor

More To Be Announced Soon...