About Walker Industries

Walker Industries, a Delaware LLC, is dedicated to a singular mission: advancing forward with technology as the guiding torch.

We reach the goals set by finding highly capable individuals and using their expertise/knowledge as a collective to help make ambitions a reality.

Join us on a journey where innovation meets capability, and together, we will shape a future where talent and technology unite for collective progress.

Herman Remy, CEO and Founder Of Walker Industries

Sacrifice Today, Shape Tomorrow: Forging a Better Future through Talent and Discipline

The story of Walker Industries began in 2016, sparked by the movie "Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale." Inspired by the Augma device's Augmented Reality (AR) potential, Herman set out on a quest for similar technology. He discovered the Hololens, which, while impressive, was not quite perfect. This motivated him to aim higher—to create the perfect AR technology.

A breakthrough came with the development of an optical prototype, combining Enmesi Optics with Walker Industries' XRUIOS—an Extended Reality User Interface Operating System. This marked the beginning of significant progress and led to the creation of the Vector Gear.

Innovation didn't stop with the Vector Gear. Seeking out those who specialized in certain areas of development, the company would slowly grow to get closer to the goals set by Herman.

Today, Walker Industries has grown from a singular vision into a collaborative powerhouse, bringing together individuals with exceptional talents. The company fosters an environment where experts contribute to various projects, using the skills of a collaborative group to advance.

In a commitment to transparency and innovation, many of Walker Industries' projects are open-sourced, providing accessible instructions for at-home production. By focusing on innovation and deliberately avoiding private investors who prioritize profit, Walker Industries proudly remains a private company.